Altos de San Esteban

We make all of our wines with grapes from our vineyard exclusively.

In order to preserve our soil and its microbiota, protect the environment and favor the balance in the natural processes, we carry out a sustainable winemaking without using chemical additives or herbicides. We strive to reflect that in our wines, to make them the ultimate personality expression, tipicity and differentiation of our work with the native grape varieties from our place, located in Berzo Alto.

At the present time, La Mendañona and Viña de San Esteban are the differenciated parcels that feed our winemaking process.

La Mendañona

La Mendañona

The name Mendañona seems to be related to the Mendaña lineage, former lords of Bembibre village by wich "El Señor de Bembibre" novel from Enrique Gil y Carrasco is inspired.

The current vineyard sits on the old Mendañona, at a height above 700 meters, in a place in Torre del Bierzo (Bierzo Alto) that presently belongs to the territory of Origen Bierzo, and it is and always has been planted with Mencía grapes.

  • Location: Torre de Bierzo.
  • Variety: Mencía.
  • Plantation year: 1995.
  • Surface: 2 hectares.
  • Plants Density: 3000 vines / ha.
  • Height: Above 700 Mts. | Orientation: South.
  • Soil Type: Clay-sandy with rubble on surface.
  • Palissage and Pruning Style: Espaldera with double cordons.

Viña de San Esteban

Viña de San Esteban

Also known as La Viña Nueva perhaps due to being replanted back in the days after the phylloxera plague in 1887, and located in a place in San Esteban del Toral (Bierzo Alto), a town that stands out because of its rural architecture, its XVIII century church and its three wineries.

It is here where we grow the Godello variety, the emblematic white variety in this zone, at a heigh above 700 meters.

  • Location: San Esteban de Toral (Bembibre).
  • Variety: Godello y Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Plantation year: 2000.
  • Surface: 3 hectares
  • Plants Density: 3300 vines / ha.
  • Height: 720 Mts. | Orientation: South.
  • Soil Type: Ferric clay with gravel and granitic sand
  • Palissage and Pruning Style: Espaldera with double cordons.