Altos de San Esteban


A summer afternoon, under the shade of a cherry tree and after a plentiful lunch like those that leave a splendid memory behind, Gregorio, José Ramón, Pedro and Manolo, friends since their college time, amongst laughs, dirty jokes and dessert toasts, share a dream. They decide to enter the unknown and pasionate world of winemaking. They sail off to an adventure that will unveal to them the most amazing and well preserved secrets from this precious liquid. They hope to be filled up with joy at some time afterwards, when genius comes out of the bottle and into the world and make them fall with its magic. On their land they plant the vines from whose fruits will come the wine with which Dionysus will free them by making his aulos sound, ending care and worry, and bringing ecstasy and singing. That is how the dream of Altos de San Esteban, the proyect in Bierzo Alto from the winery "Marqués de Bembibre", winery that gets named after D. Manuel Marqués.“Patarita” (1925-2011), a man very much in love with the vineyard, former winemaker and wine cellar owner in Bembibre, father to one of the four friends that, over 25 years ago, embarked in this venture to experiment, preserve and improve the knowledge and experience accumulated after so many years of hard work dedicated to the traditional art of growing vines and making wine.

Our wines are made only with grapes from our two farms, located in Bierzo Alto:

“La Mendañona”, in Torre del Bierzo, planted with Mencia variety since the beginning.

La Viña de San Esteban”, replanted back then after the phylloxera plague in 1887, in San Esteban del Toral, where we grow Godello, the emblematic white variety from this zone, and also the Cabernet Sauvignon that brings personality and identity to our wine.

Our Philosophy

The winery processes are carried out in traditional ways and craftsmanship. The four partners, along with some friend that aids them, perform the viticulture and winemaking tasks personally.

we carry out a sustainable winemaking labour without using chemical additives or herbicides. In the winery we apply a low intervention oenology method to go along with the control and winemaking process striving to care about the identities in our soil and grape varieties.

Annual yield goes around the 25 thousand kilos, and is processed into the brands known as La Perra Gorda, Viñas de Monte and La Mendañona.